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New Store Alert!

Secret Recipe will finally open on February at One Ayala Mall.  It is The Bistro Group’s 1st ever restaurant  concept that offers  Asian-Western cuisine with a twist of sweet bliss.


Fine Quality Cakes

Each layer is a symphony of luscious flavor, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness from its wide range of fine quality cakes.



Delectable Asian Flavors

At Secret Recipe, you can embark on a culinary journey through the flavors of the world. Our cuisine is expertly crafted using high quality ingredients to bring exciting flavours and a delightful spread ranging from Asian dishes, signature pasta, Western delight


Beverages at Secret Recipe

From the best selection of coffee to curated tea that promise a journey of flavors. Experience the delight in each sip of our handcrafted beverages, signature drinks and ice blended beverages for a refreshing twist.

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